With a natural gas grill, you will never run out of propane while cooking a meal or have to move heavy tanks. A grill is often the centerpiece of an outdoor kitchen, which in turn is often cited as a primary reason for building an outdoor room.

Natural gas grills are less expensive to operate than propane grills.

Natural gas grills offer more precise temperature control than charcoal grills and eliminate the clean-up for charcoal grills.

Natural Gas grills are available in a range of widths between 27” and 54” and can be free standing or part of a larger island.

Many grills that are fueled by natural gas will be permanently built into an outdoor room. Portable models are also available, which allow for easy movement or disconnection. These models can be stored indoors in the winter if desired.

Gas convenience outlets offer ‘plug & play’ capability for portable gas grills.

Several manufacturers offer the option of infrared burners, which cook food more quickly than standard convection burners. A variety of side burners and rotisseries are also available.

Drop-in, slide-in or free standing grill options are available.

Here are some helpful tips for safe grilling:

• Familiarize yourself with the owner’s manual and particular features of your grill
• Unless specifically designed for indoor use, gas grills should never be used indoors
or in areas with poor ventilation.
• Make sure the grill is level and stable.
• Keep the flame under control and be prepared to extinguish flare-ups.
• Never leave a grill unattended while it is on or move it while it is still hot.


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