Gas Convenience Outlets

Gas convenience outlets allow for flexibility in the installation of natural gas appliances. Generally these products are used with outdoor appliances, but there is a model approved for indoor use as well.

Gas convenience outlets come standard with manual shut-off valve with a safety interlocking feature. This feature prevents the user from disconnecting the appliance while gas is flowing. All gas convenience outlets also come with a device that prevents gas from flowing to an appliance if the temperature reaches or exceeds 250º F.

Gas convenience outlets are most commonly used where rearranging appliances may be necessary or desirable. An outlet can be used with appliances such as gas grills, fire pits or patio heaters. The outlet also allows quick disconnect from the gas piping so that the user can ‘unplug’ the outdoor appliance and store it for the winter.

Decorative covers for the gas convenience outlet are available in white, grey, black, satin chrome plated or stainless steel finishes. Convenience outlets can be surface mounted or flush mounted.

Foundation Options: Every great outdoor room begins with a foundation of some sort. What will you choose for the surface under your furniture and where you walk? There are numerous deck or patio options that can be designed to meet your individual style.

Patios are an excellent starting point for any outdoor room.

They can be designed in any shape or size. Most patios today use Brick, stone, slate or concrete (plain, stained or stamped) as the foundation.

Decks come in all types, shapes, sizes and materials.

The type of deck you build depends upon your personal preference and style, as well as the style of your home and the outside landscape. Perhaps you build a platform deck low to the ground, or maybe a loft deck that you enter from the 2nd floor of the home. Some decks wrap around a corner of the home and some use multiple levels or contain privacy screens.

There are many options for the surface of the deck from standard pressure treated wood, to cedar, redwood, composite materials, or even recycled plastic. Look at the various options and costs before deciding what is right for you and your budget

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